New corals

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New corals

Yesterday I went to pick up a piece of Cabbage leather coral from a city mate from the Nederlands en Belgisch Zeewater forum, called bawaruba. When I got there I was amazed by his aquarium, it was a fully automated 1000 litre aquarium that was supported by 2 sumps that both have a capacity of another 1000 litre. It all looked very professional with the way everything was placed.
His cabbage leather grows very well, and he had a big rock that he had to remove due to lack of space. I first thought it was going to be a big Cabbage leather, but it seemed to be a big rock with couple of smaller cabbage leathers on it. Even better, since now I could use part for the crab tank.
Together with the Cabbage leather rock I got a small piece of sps, yet unsure of the species.

Using a chisel I broke the rock in 5 parts (well actually more but 5 parts of cabbage leather). 4 of them are now on the reefrack in the frag part of the small aquarium. Maybe one will move to the Red Sea Max, we will see what happens when we start rebuilding.

And one I attached to one of the rocks in the crab part of the small aquarium using reef construct.

Another piece of rock that broke from the cabbage leather rock I placed as a bridge between 2 bigger rocks in the crab part and I put a small piece of starburst polyp on it.

The sps is currently located in the Red Sea Max, awaiting his destination.

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