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Some time ago, after writing a review for the outlook plugin Xobni I got the tip to look at Lookeen. So I did have a look at it, and here is what I found.

The first thing I noticed about Lookeen is that it doesn’t have a free version, it just comes as a trial version and you have to buy it after 14 days. It is also a lot more expensive then Xobni to buy (compared to Xobni’s full version).
Lookeen is aimed more towards companies, the version they have has many enterprise options and the plugin itself looks easy and professional. The options in outlook aren’t as visual and many as in Xobni, there is no Facebook/Twitter whatever interface. No big sidebar with all sorts of information in it, it is just a toolbar. When pressing any button in the toolbar a new screen will open, but that is also the power of Lookeen, it doesn’t just search outlook but also your desktop.

The search is very powerful, with the desktop search included you get many hits, as you can see in the screenshot. I also found the screenshots I used for my review on Xobni as well as the emails I send to test.
Lookeen 2010 ( 17-7-210

Then we have the Analytics. They are very detailed, better then Xobni has them. Don’t ask me if it is useful, I haven’t found a use for it yet, but it is nice that you are able to see how many emails you have send, received, number of files, appointments and tasks you have and all of that per Year, Month or Day. You can even view which day of the week you get most appointments or emails.
Lookeen 2010 ( 20-7-210
Lookeen 2010 ( 20-7-211

The results can also be shown based on your search results, which is also a nice feature.
Lookeen 2010 ( 20-7-212

Conclusion, it is a nice tool if you need a quick and good outlook search program and it shows you nice statistics on your email and file usage but it lacks the looks and is more expensive. It is very handy if you have more then on mailbox and some remote mailboxes opened as well, but for me it stops with just being a powerful search tool.


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