What do I have with Call of Duty

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What do I have with Call of Duty

It has been some time since I played that game for the last time, but I played it a lot. It started at my first job, after a few years, during the lunch break the whole IT department started to play Call of Duty against each other. Back then my only experience with shooters was playing Unreal Tournament, which definitely showed in my style of playing Call of Duty (jumping and running allot while other people played more realistic). What started out with a few people became more and more, when even people from other departments joined in on the fun. My chef even said we could have a dedicated machine to set up as a dedicated server for playing, the server statistics (kill/death ratio etc) where later implemented into a website I made so we could see how we all matched up against each other.

I remember one game specifically, even made a movie out of that game. It was the ideal prove of the fact that when you feel happy you can do allot more, even in games. That day during lunch break a friend of mine called, now I had some feelings for her, so of course Call of Duty would have to wait. She said she wanted to come by after work and go out together, so I was very happy about that and started playing with my head in the clouds. Even though I started 15 minutes later then the others I won the game scoring like crazy. Unfortunately youtube decided to remove the movie since it featured music by Sepultura. I will add it here soon, just need to look up the original.

It was very quick I started to like the game, since I seemed to be pretty good at it. There was one person who was leading more often then me, but besides him the competition wasn’t much. The two of us decided to go onto clanbase (a website for setting up matches in games) and match our skills with other players around the world and of course also against each other from time to time. My very first clanbase match was against him (Lexiepart), which I lost horribly. Since it was my first match I also made a movie of it, which is still available on youtube.

After I left the company Lexiepart and I did some games online, but it got less, since also Call of Duty 2 was released, not many players played the first part. I stopped playing for some time until on my second job someone decided we could do a LAN party with the IT department. One of the games presented for the LAN was Call of Duty 1, so without any practice I challenged my new colleagues in a match of Call of Duty and played as if I never stopped playing. We had one more LAN party after this one, during which we also played Call of Duty, but now things are slow again for Call of Duty. Also because I also left that company and where I now work I don’t think anyone would care much for a LAN party :p.
Maybe invite some friends someday to try my Call of Duty skills again!

And that is the history for me and Call of Duty. I never played part 2, 3 and 4, I always stayed loyal to the very first Call of Duty and it’s expansion pack.

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