Disturbia (2007)

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Disturbia (2007)

Disturbia tells the story of a boy who gets house-arrest for punching his teacher in the face and after a while finds the best way to spend his time spying on his neighbors. This spying leads him to believe one of his neighbors is a serial killer.

The movie seemed to be a bit forced at a lot of points, the beginning where we can see how the main character Kale came to be so messed up was a bit over the top for me. Of course the writers wanted to make clear that Kale would blame himself for his father’s death but I think they could have used a more subtle realistic way of making this point. I mean, the fact that he gets the accident because of the other car moved at the last point already seemed a bit strange, but that no one bother to help a crashed car while there where people there (at least I thought I saw them) was a bit strange. And then another car that drives into their car on high speed while he already passed a car that broke down and probably has allot of damage after Kale hit it with his car, that was just a bit to much. Maybe they would just have to skip the last car and let the father die in a hospital after crashing into the broken down car. Not as spectacular, but in my eyes a bit more realistic.

More points like these where scattered throughout the movie, things that I thought made the movie a bit too much. But that didn’t make it a bad movie, it was a good movie that really took me to the edge of my seat at allot of points. So if you just don’t think about how overdone some points are and just sit back and enjoy then you will find this movie has allot to enjoy. Allot of suspense and scary moments, especially towards the end of the movie when Kale with 2 friends (Ashley and Ronnie) go to investigate their murdering neighbor Mr. Turner. You have no idea if he is or isn’t a murderer, but one thing is for sure, he is one creepy neighbor.

So final verdict on this movie, if you want to see a good scary thriller but don’t want to think allot then this is the movie for you. However, if you might get irritated by things that just seem to don’t make sense, don’t watch this one. A good scary popcorn thriller with a bit forced story.

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