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Post  thierry on Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:54 am

So much topics and posts and still no introduction of who I am and why I am having this forum/blog thing. So I decided to do a little introduction here.

As many of you might have guessed, my name is Thierry, currently I am 27 years old and living in the Netherlands. There are many things I enjoy, and the biggest ones have their own forum/blog category below, so for information on that I suggest you just read the posts below.
I have my own place, where I now live together with my girlfriend, 2 cats, a guinea pig, 2 hamsters and an aquarium filled with sea creatures. I work as an Application Administrator for a small company that cleans instruments for hospitals, and I'm still busy with a study for Technical ICT.

Why start a forum/blog like this? Many years ago I started my very first own website, and I liked doing it. It soon grew into a more advanced and diverse website, and that was the moment I wanted to do an about me kind of website as well. Unfortunately this didn’t last long as I didn’t have as much time to create the website as I had hoped, so it slowly died a silent death (even though it’s still online). Through a couple of profile sites and specialised forums I still showed what was going on with at that point my most show worthy hobby, my car. Then I got the aquarium, and wanted to show people this as well, so I joined a forum again, started to ask there, show some pictures from time to time and that’s when I ran into forumotion. At first I made a forum for my Lineage II server here, but after a while I figured I could use it also for doing some blogging and sharing, and that is how this came to life.

I hope you enjoy yourself here, join the forum and come back regularly. Also it’s nice to get feedback, so feel free to comment, ask questions or whatever, I enjoy hearing people’s thoughts and get to know people, but keep it friendly!

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