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Shopping Spree

Last weekend been shopping again. I ordered some Reef Rack from a store in The Hague and ended up with much more than just a reef rack.
They had these awesome looking buttons for sale, since most of the buttons in the Red Sea Max got lost I decided to buy them, also with the new tank planning I could find a nice spot for them. So now it is still located in the frag tank until I figure out how I’m going to use it.

I also got 2 peppermint shrimps to help me clear out the aiptasia in the frag/crab tank. It is really getting out of hand and I tried so many things at this point. Started with what helped in the RSM, injecting them with boiling water. When I couldn’t get all of them I bought some Joes Juice and used that on them, but this seemed to make things worse rather than better. I had several big ones and now I have a lot of small ones. Time for some shrimps to bring it to an end…if they survive. Because for some reason I never seem to have luck with peppermint shrimps.

Then I got 4 Bumble Bee snails, just because they are small and useful. 2 of them are in the tank itself and 2 in the sump. See how they do their work.

And my last addition are 2 Electric Blue Hermit Crabs. One of them moved to the Red Sea Max and the other is in the Crab tank. My wife liked them as well, so it was a good move.

Saturday I also cleaned both tanks and rebuilt my sump to function as a fragtank together with the actual tank. I already bought an external skimmer for the new tank, and placed it now on the sump. I also received a filter pump (external) and LED lights so I placed those on the sump as well. Don’t know yet if the LED is sufficient, so currently the corals in the sump are for testing purposes. Hopefully I can built everything I want in the new tank up in there, it would save me work.

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