Quick Vacation Update

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Quick Vacation Update

Just a quick update before my vacation. On Saturday the 23rd I bought a couple of fish for the 60liter aquarium, “unfortunately” my wife liked them very much and we put them in the RSM250.
That same day I also noticed a frag on the Kenya Tree in the RSM250, I removed the frag and placed it on a rock using a rubber band. After that I placed it in the 60 litre tank until it attaches.

On Thursday the 26th I bought a couple of Reef Chromis at our regular aquarium store. Both of them show themselves often, much more then the small Gobie that is still there somewhere. So now I have some fish and some movement during the daytime as well.

Wednesday I cleaned the aquarium, I removed the rubber band from the Kenya Tree I put in 4 days ago and I also removed the rubber band holding the leather coral on crab rock. Both are attached to the rock now.

During the work on the RSM just before we went on vacation I removed a couple of corals from the RSM and placed them in the frag part of the tank.
The Klixum Simplex broke when I tried to clean it, so I moved part of it in the shot glass in the fragtank. Next to that I moved 1 rock with buttons and a rock with Encrusting Gorgonian and on the bottom of the tank I now have 3 extra rocks with starburst polyps.

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