Work and changes to 60 litre aquarium

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Work and changes to 60 litre aquarium

Tuesday and yesterday I did some work on the frag/crab aquarium again. I got my new pumps in from, 2 Sunsun JVP102A pumps and one Sunsun JVP201A. One small thing was a small miscalculation from my side. I came at more then 100x the current in litres, which is a bit too much. Besides that the pumps where rather big in size as well, so I ended up using only the Sunsun JVP201A. One of the JVP102A’s was for the Red Sea Max, so that one will go there when we start working on the RSM again.

So now I have a 6000 l/h pump on the bottom and a 600 l/h pump on the surface. The water flow is perfect now.

I also started moving some corals into the frag part from the Red Sea Max, we believe one of the reasons the RSM isn’t going well is because of the overdose of corals in there. I moved all the Kenya Tree frags, most of the Star Polyp frags, a small mushroom and the rock with Purple mushrooms, Xenia and star polyps into the frag part of the aquarium.

Yesterday I did an extensive feeding round, frozen artemia for the fish in the RSM, frozen fish for the Bulb Anemone in the RSM and frozen coral food in both aquaria. Also in the Crab tank I put a frozen shrimp for the crabs, but when I put the shrimp on the sand the sand started moving a the Babylon Sand snail came out and claimed the shrimp. I will add a movie of this soon, it was an awesome thing to see!


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