Update on fragtank

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Update on fragtank

Last weekend of March we have done some work on the fragtank and sump again. I made a reefrack plateau in the tank so I can put rocks underneath the frags that I want to use. Up till now they where all located in the sump, which was more then full with rocks.

We are still trying to get the water flow between the sump and tank work. The first attempt was trying to make it work without a pump, unfortunately this failed. So next try was with a pump, unfortunately water went down faster then it came up again.
A smaller tube for downwards water seems to be a solution, but the one we had was so small that I needed to adjust the pumping speed again. However, on lower speed the pump and the down flow seem to be levelled.

April 3 I placed the skimmer in the sump and placed the pump, rocks and racks where I wanted to have them. The black crab is still in the left compartment and the white/orange one in the middle compartment, they are of later concern.
Getting the skimmer to work still gives some trouble due to lack of manuals on the Sera Marin PS 600 S. It’s a bit of a puzzle :p

April 4 we tried to get the whole flow working for real. But trying to get the pump flow adjusted to the downward flow of 2! small tubes is not doable. At least, I gave up. My wife wants to check to see if she can get it working this weekend, but my sight has moved forward now to different methods.
The whole problem is that the balance is also influenced by the skimmer, which we got working now. We also added bacteria and filters to the sump. All that is left is trying to get the flow going between the sump and the aquarium.

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