Fragging and other work on the fragtank

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Fragging and other work on the fragtank

Yesterday I have did a lot of work on the fragtank and everything in it. Someone was coming to pick up the anemone in the fragtank in the morning and because of the lack of space there I decided to start fragging and changing some rocks around.

Unfortunately the person who was coming for the anemone never showed up and didn’t give any reply so far. So it is still in the aquarium.

I did however remove the mushroom that was on the rock, just in case I would sell the rock with the anemone attached to it. The anemone won’t move anymore, no matter how I rotate and place the rock, he stays in his spot.
Since I wanted to keep the mushroom I took it off the rock with a spoon and placed it in the shot glass located in the RSM. So it has temporary moved to the RSM till it has attached to a rock and recovered.

Then I started with the rock that broke off the Toadstool rock, the one with the mushrooms and buttons and one toadstool also.
I took the rock out of the aquarium and fragged it using a chisel and hammer.

The result: 4 rocks with buttons, one small rock with a toadstool, a big rock with red mushrooms and many fragstones that went into the small bin where the Kenya Trees where located. 3 of them that had attached to a rock have been moved to the RSM.

And then when I wanted to start on the big toadstool rock the doorbell rang. Hoping that it was the person for the anemone I opened the door. The mailman, with a huge package…from Hong Kong. I opened it, and there was my new light armature and cooling for the fragtank that I ordered from fish-street. I opened everything up and was getting ready to install the lot when I noticed the light had a different power plug then our EU power plug. After a quick message to fish-street I heard that it only can be delivered with Australian power plug, but they offered a free converter right away. So hopefully using the converter it will work.

Knowing that I had to wait a bit I bought a reflector in our local pet store for the Juwel 60. This should help a bit with the amount of light in the fragtank.
More work will be done probably this weekend.

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