A quick update

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A quick update

Here a quick update on the status of the fragtank. Currently it is running, but without any filters or skimmers (or heating). I already replaced water a couple of times, using water from the RSM to make sure it had enough good bacteria etc.
As noted in the previous posts I already have some life rock in it. This rock already contained some corals as well, spotted a total of 4 mushrooms and some weird blue flowery stuff. Also the box I had in the RSM is placed in it now containing some Kenya Trees and the anemone that had split is also located in the fragtank now.

This weekend we bought some filter materials and as soon as we start cleaning the RSM again this week the old materials will move to the fragtank’s sump and the new ones will be placed in the RSM.
The surface on which the fragtank will be placed needs some adjustment before I can use it, since there is no room for the tubes to go down towards the sump (and back up again). But when this is realised (probably before that even) we are going to see if it works the way we want.

The biggest problem at this point is the light. I’m busy looking for something to replace the poor single 15watt tube, but prices are very high. Cheapest one (and best option) I found so far is an Aqua Japan 4X 24"Inch T5HO (60cm) from Fish-street.com. However, I did get a message from a forum sponsor saying they will get some 4x 24watt armatures for a rather good price next month.
So this is still ongoing. I will also check with our local fish store to see if they have a solution which saves me more money. I know, I sound cheap, but it’s only a fragtank so I’m trying to get as much as I can for as little money.

So this story is to be continued Smile

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