A week in the life of…

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A week in the life of…

A lot has happened in the last week, but I didn’t have the time to post many updates in that time. So here is one big one for the whole week together.

Got life rock for 60 liter aquarium

Friday in the evening I went to someone from the forums to pick up some life rock for the fragtank. I got 8 kilo with some nice rocks, most of them already have corals on them as well, couple of mushrooms, some polyps. They are in the fragtank now with the 15 watt light above it and 2 pumps. It is partially filled with water from the RSM250 now to have some bacteria in it.
I’m still thinking about which parts I will keep in the fragtank and which will move to the sump. There is one rock that doesn’t have any corals on it, but that one is rather nice for one of the projects I have in mind. The other rocks all have corals on them and one of them I bought hoping it would fit in the RSM250, but afterwards it looked too big. But it has a very nice shape, so I will keep it in the fragtank.

Progress on fragtank

Like I mentioned earlier I bought some life rock last Friday, so all that is left is the technique that needs work. I have a couple of pumps, which should be enough. The skimmer and sump are already present for a while, as is the heater. I bought a small thermometer last Friday at our aquarium shop, so I can check the temperature whenever I want Smile
My current problem is the light. Aquarium light armatures are extremely expensive (200 euro’s without the actual T5 lights in it is the lowest), but if I would buy a greenhouse armature that can hold 4 T5 tubes it only costs 85 euro’s. In both cases I would still need to add 60+ euro’s on tubes.
Seems the choice is easy, but then the question is, can I use the greenhouse armature for an aquarium…why is the aquarium armature so much more expensive? I hope to have a good answer to this question soon…

Then there is another “problem”. How to get water from the aquarium to the sump. My first plan was to have water overflow into the sump and let it be pumped up again into the aquarium (this was with the 3rd tank included). Only problem here is when the overflow gets stuck the pump will continue pumping letting the aquarium overflow. My wife had the idea to let both work in a natural water circulation. This idea has no pumps or anything in it, both work with an “overflow” method and will continue to work as long as there is suction on the tubes. She is in charge of figuring out how to get this to work and I hope to understand it enough when it works Smile

Small changes in RSM250

Wednesday I did some small changes in the RSM250, we have cut loose the Anemone and removed the second one from the RSM into the fragtank. Both are doing fine now, the “mother” is still recovering, but the little one was already waving nicely yesterday evening.

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