New plans, the resurrection

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New plans, the resurrection

The plans for a fragment and mixing aquarium have started. At this point the plans go out from using the 60 litre aquarium as the main aquarium on my desk.
From there water will overflow into a sump, which is placed on a small cabinet underneath the desk. There the whole filter process will take place. I have found one for sale for 20 euro’s on the internet, so I will probably get this one, together with the skimmer he has.
From the sump the water will also overflow into another tank/box. This will function as the mixing aquarium and as the collection bin. The idea is to have a tank/box which is 10/15% the size of the sump, main aquarium and the Red Sea Max 250 together.
From there the water is pumped back up into the main aquarium and when cleaning the Red Sea Max part of it will be pumped into the RSM.

The Main Aquarium

The current idea is to use the 60 litre aquarium we still have for mixing water. Just need to figure out how to put an overflow on this so the water can overflow into the sump.
I probably need to replace the whole light unit, I want to use 1 watt per litre, which means 60 watt lighting, preferably divided over blue and white light.
I think I will stick at one pump with a 600 litre per hour capacity. This might be good for attaching corals, so they don’t get blown all over the place.
Other then that only some corals and rocks to attach them on will be put in this aquarium. Maybe I will put in a little wall to separate my “projects” from the normal frags.
When cleaning the aquariums this one will run only on its own pump, no water gets pumped up, no sump will be included.

The Sump

The idea for the sump is still very vague, besides the fact that it will have an overflow into the mixing aquarium. It depends on how the sump I’m thinking of buying looks like. One thing is for sure, it will contain the skimmer and all filters. Maybe if there is room enough I will put in some life rock, maybe some unwanted invertebrate like a mantis which I stumbled upon on the forums. In that case I would need some light above it as well, think I will use the current lighting for the Main Aquarium for this, since it only needs to be 40 watt.
I don’t know if I need extra pumps, maybe one couldn’t hurt for the moment the flow gets turned off, because at that point no water from the Main aquarium will come down and no water goes down into the Mixing aquarium or up to the Main aquarium.

The Mixing Aquarium

Like I mentioned earlier this needs to be able to contain 10/15% from the Main aquarium, sump and the RSM250. This means in the current situation and plans it should be between 40 and 60 litres. It will probably need 2 pumps that are capable of pumping 10x the amount of water in the tank, so worst case would be 600 lph. It will also have 2 pumps for pumping the water into the Main Aquarium and into the Red Sea Max. Both need to be activated when needed only.
Then this tank will also have the cooling and heating in it. I have a heater, and for cooling I will probably use a table fan. On the side of the tank I will put markers for the amount of litres in the aquarium and a maximum/minimum marker.
I’m still unsure if I want life rock in here as well. Might get too much to endure if it runs dry each time, plus I don’t know if the water is still as good to refresh as it would be without being run over life rock first. If I use life rock I will have to put in some light as well, this will be the bare minimum then, about 0,25 or 0,5 watt per litre. So it will be between 20 – 30 watt light.
The idea is to drain the whole tank when refreshing the water. Then throw in the jerry cans with osmosis water and a bunch of salt and start mixing it. At this point the tank is cut loose from all others. Then first we refill the Red Sea Max, and then we activate the whole circulation system of my little side project with the remaining water.

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