Fragment Tank Update

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Fragment Tank Update

The fragment tank has had some adjustments. I already added an Eheim Compact 300 pump for circulation, however this didn’t seem to be enough for the 60 liter aquarium to get the water flow really going. So yesterday I added an Eheim Compact 1000 pump, which should be sufficient for 150 to 1000 liters per hour. This time I even had to turn it down a little because it was blowing way to fast at full capacity.
Another problem the tank had was the temperature, it was far too cold. So I have bought a Sera Precision heater 75w which is suitable for 50 to 75 liters. And it did the job, because the water is now at an ideal temperature.
Then there was also a third problem which might have been the cause for corals not opening, and that was the lighting. Currently there was a 15W daylight lamp in it from Juwel itself, but this one didn’t produce enough Kelvin for corals. Instead I now bought an Arcadia Marine White Lamp of 15W and placed it instead of the old one. Only downside is that the aquarium only has one spot for lights, and ideal would be a combination with a blue light. But let’s see how the corals manage with this one first.

And then I also done some experiments. I needed to clean a rock from a sea pearl that was located on it, this was the rock with mushrooms and Xenia. Since we already have many mushrooms in the RSM I decided to see if I could get one lose for the fragment tank. Using a sharp knife I tried to get the foot to let go of the rock. While doing this the Mushroom started sliming like crazy, guess it’s a way of defending itself. But in the end it seemed to have worked and I know have a purple mushroom in the fragment tank.
Second experiment I wanted to do was fragging a mushroom. I still had the Red Mushroom in the fragment tank and decided to use this for fragmenting. Using the same sharp knife as before I cut the mushroom in half, straight trough the foot and mouth. Both parts are now in the fragment tank and we will see how they recover.

So the current inhabitants of the fragment tank are a Kenya tree, small dark brown mushroom, a purple mushroom, 2 half Red Mushrooms and 2 Sea Stars. Next to them there are a lot of broken pieces of rock, all from the former Toadstool rock. I did move the biggest part to the RSM for gaining some bacteria and turning into a life rock instead of only having dead rocks in there.

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